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TheFuse is a video-first, community-based Web3 news media outlet.

The platform is providing the most accurate and best-curated online content to engage, educate and inform an audience interested in the decentralised world.

With a focus primarily on video content, THEFUSE has been designed to give a voice to the Web3 media community and enable them to contribute and influence the growth of this exciting and new channel.

Using the most advanced technology and complemented by skilled content creators, editors and video producers, our goal is to help spark mass adoption by providing verifiable and comprehensive information and educational content for audiences in and beyond the Web3 space.

Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced professionals and OGs in the Web3 space, with profound technological and informational knowledge on Blockchain, DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, Metaverse, DePIN, Ordinals, AI, Blockchain, and of course, Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as the Altcoins which are making moves.

New technologies, new start ups, new faces and new worlds are opening up and our community will be reporting on these developments as they happen, only on THEFUSE.

Meet our leadership team

Designed to serve the entire Web3 community, Th3Fuse3 is an education, information, and engagement hub.

Ivan Zeljkovic

Founder & CEO

Anthony Burr

Managing Editor

Olivier Acuña

Chief Editor

Vukan Ljubojevic

Content Creator / Journalist