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VanEck Predicts an Ethereum $2.2T Valuation by 2030

By Anthony Burr | TH3FUS3 Managing Editor

June 10, 2024 08:03 AM

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TL;DR VanEck's Digital Asset Research Chief, Matthew Sigel, discusses the regulatory progress and future prospects of the firm's Spot Ethereum ETF. Ethereum's recognition as a commodity and the recent approval of spot Ether ETFs on US stock exchanges mark significant milestones. The potential for Ethereum to reach a valuation of $2.2 trillion by 2030 is explored.

Regulatory Milestones and Future Prospects

VanEck's Digital Asset Research Chief, Matthew Sigel, recently delved into the significant regulatory progress and prospects surrounding the firm's Spot Ethereum ETF. On May 23, the SEC approved a rule change that could pave the way for Spot Ether ETFs, marking a 'regulatory 180 in recent SEC history.'

Sigel highlighted that this development indicates Ethereum is recognized as a commodity and is 'tremendously bullish for the prospect of innovation happening on open-source blockchains.'

VanEck's Strategic Positioning

VanEck has been at the forefront of these developments, being the first traditional ETF issuer to file for a Bitcoin ETF in 2017 and a Spot Ethereum ETF subsequently.

Sigel expressed optimism that VanEck's Ethereum ETF could be among the first to trade among its rivals. He stated, 'I still hope and expect that the VanEck Ethereum ETF if approved, will trade first.' The next critical step involves the SEC's approval of Ethereum ETFs' S-1 filings.

Bullish Forecasts and Market Potential

Sigel revealed a bullish forecast, projecting Ethereum could generate over $70 billion in free cash flow to token holders by 2030, supporting a coin price of $22,000. He noted, 'This is an open-source app store with the potential to take significant margin away from the big tech platforms and banking.'

The approval of the Spot Bitcoin ETFs earlier this year has already opened the market to a new class of buyers, and if Ethereum ETFs are approved, this could be similar to the case.

'The Spot ETFs have opened up an entirely new class of buyers, and we're seeing that market share gain continue.' - Matthew Sigel

Ethereum's Market Dynamics

The Ethereum network reports over 450,000 active wallets daily. It has processed over $4 trillion worth of transactions and facilitated $5.5 trillion in stablecoin transfers over the past year, according to VanEck, who believes Ethereum could become the 'Silicon Valley of Blockchain,' fostering innovation and disrupting traditional industries.

VanEck's analysis also estimates that the total addressable market (TAM) for blockchain applications could be worth $15 trillion, indicating a massive era of growth for Ethereum.

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